Thursday, March 10, 2011

Round Two

Ok, so I gave up on the blog thing a while ago. I get stoked on the idea of starting a blog and then I get over it within a week or two. I'm hoping this time it's different! I'm not so sure I know where this blog is going or if I even care. I just want something to put my thoughts down on.


This semester has been a trying one for me. I started my first semester of Nursing School. I have always heard stories of how difficult it was, but I never realized how much work went into being successful in Nursing School. I go to the University of St. Francis and unlike most nursing schools in Fort Wayne, students have to get an 80% of better in all of the nursing classes to pass. I'm getting anxiety just typing this! haha. I mean, I guess it makes sense...why would you want a nurse taking care of you if she/he got a D in some of her classes. Truth be told, I like pushing myself and I know that these next three semesters are going to be a lot of work, but I'm ready for it.

I'm doing my clinicals at St. Joe hospital and we have been there a total of 3 times this semester so far. I've had the same nurse 2 of the 3 times. At the end of a long day of clinicals on Wednesday, she pulled me aside and told me how great of a job I have been doing and how she can tell I will be a great nurse. Sure, I know they don't have techs on the floor we are on, so they love seeing students because we get to help with the "dirty jobs" when we are there on Wednesdays, but she meant it in the sincerest way possible. It was really cute and something I really needed to hear after a long day of busting my butt...

I'm basically going to keep this blog as a forum to funny things that happen to me. I've gotten a lot of compliments on my facebook statuses because of how funny/embarassing they are, so I hope I can keep my blog entertaining for you guys. Weird timing to start this blog back up again because I really have nothing funny to say.

Random Thoughts

I saw Mark Mellinger from News Channel 15 at Panera today. (I gave up Fast Food for Lent. Panera doesn't have a drive thru, at least that I saw, so therefore is not a fast food joint.) Anyway, I had the strong urge to go over and ask him to for a picture. Call me a sucker for local celebs, for real. I'm glad I didn't go up to him...that could have turned out WAY lame. On another note, I did eat lunch today. I had a broccoli soup breadbowl with a sweet tea. I also gave up pop for Lent, so that was the next best thing. Something about eating alone is super duper nice. I took the book I am currently reading(Pygmy by Chuch Palahniuk) and sat and minded my own.

Call me a goober, but my current favorite song is "A Little Bit Stronger" by Sara Evans. I'm normally not a fool for country music so much, but I'm relating to this song a lot lately.

Today wasn't one of the best days I have ever had. I went shopping and to Panera to clear my mind a bit. Every song I listened to today seemed to make feel worse. Just have been in a mood that I can't shake. When I'm in moods like this, I sometimes look in my photo albums at home and look at old silly pictures. I found a picture my mom took when I was about 4 of me with all the toilet paper off of the roll and my mom's lipstick all over my face when she walked into the bathroom and found me. The picture below I found in our recent photo album. It was this past summer when I got my wisdom teeth out. Ok, I'll admit, I'm a cryer. Crying helps with my frustration and anger, whatever. I'm not ashamed to admit it...BUT, this picture my mom took of me post-op in the recovery room. She said I was crying for no reason. She asked me why I was crying, and I told her, "I can't tell you.." This surely put a smile on my face...

..and I hope it gave you a giggle or two.

Have you laughed at yourself today?


Friday, June 4, 2010

since I delete this picture earlier, here it is again. One of my favorites...

goodnight blog peeps.



told you I was a dummy! I accidently deleted blogs 001-006. Was it important? I can't remember!
Oh well, vanished into thin-internet air...
more to come I promise!

007 I miss everything about you but still you're gone

I was going through old pictures with my mom tonight. I think I made my mom cry a bit reminiscing about my grandpa. I always called him grampy, and grumpy on his not so good days. My grandpa died in 2001, and I still haven't forgotten the way he smelled after he put on his after shave, or the way that he used to yell at my sister and I if we weren't ready when our turn came around when we were playing baby rummy. My grandparents had been married over 55 years when my grandpa passed. I cannot even imagine spending my life with someone for that long, but I hope it happens. My mom told me that my grandpa never made more than 11 dollars an hour at International Harvester and still he gave my grandma a great life, and still is, even though he's no longer around.

I know my grandpa would be so proud of my mom. When he passed, my mom was working two jobs to keep up with us kids and the finances it takes to raise four kids. My mom actually went back to school for nursing because of all the days she spent with my grandpa in the hospital. She went back to school a year after he passed.

I truly think he is watching over me. Every time I would spend the night at my grandparents, he would wake me up and I'd walk into the kitchen, and he would always have breakfast made for me and have C-SPAN on. Last year, I walked into our kitchen and I'll be damned if C-SPAN didn't turn on by itself. Coolest thing you've ever done, gramps. I wasn't scared, I just smiled, because I knew...

The night I left the hospital with my brothers back in Febuary of 2001, I leaned in for a kiss from him and he turned my head and whispered in my ear how beautiful I was and that he loved me. He passed away in the middle of the night, that night. I never saw him again, but I can't think of a more amazing last memory than that.

My grandpa was a stubborn man and I'm proud to say I'm no different.